You will start your visit from the Hili Archaeological Park, which is the location of a Bronze Age site, precisely the largest that can be found in the UAE, dating back from the 3rd millennium BC. Worthy of note is the Hili Grand Tomb, a circular tomb characterized by a 12-meter diameter tower. All the tombs on the site belong to the Umm an-Nar culture, a Bronze Age culture that existed from 2600-2000 BC in the UAE and Northern Oman.

Visit Al Ain Palace Museum, formerly the residence of the ruling family. The visit of this beautifully restored fort will take you back to an era shaped by nature and local tribe culture and will also give you insights into Sheikh Zayed’s life and the country’s culture and development.

Visit the Al Ain Museum, where you will see the ethnographical and archaeological sections which will give you an idea on the history of the region, and then enjoy some free time walking around the enchanting oasis. Nestled amidst palm trees, the oasis features an excellent example of ‘Falaj’, an ancient irrigation system, and has been maintained in a way that highlights the country’s Bedouin culture and traditions.

Following this relaxing moment, you will drive to hotel for lunch. Following the lunch, you will visit the Camel Market, which sells camel meat and milk, along with sheep, cows, goats, and poultry. The camels, which have always played an important economic role in Arabian life, are kept in a series of fenced area according to their intended use.

  • The order of sights and routing may change on the day of tour, depending on traffic conditions
  • Passengers are suggested to wear light wear clothes and sturdy shoes. Ladies are recommended to wear clothes covering knees and shoulders.
  • This Tour cannot be operated on Friday mornings and on Mondays.