This tour will allow you to discover two fundamental elements in the Emirati tradition and lifestyle: the Mosque, the religious worship place and the centre of the Islamic Culture, and the Falcon, the national bird of the UAE.

Visit the majestic Sheikh Zayed Mosque, one the world’s largest mosques, with a capacity for an astonishing 40,000 worshippers and the world’s largest hand-woven carpet.


Then, you will drive to Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital which will give you a deep insight into one of the oldest UAE traditions: the falconry. It is not known the exact time when falconry emerged, but some history mentions assume that it dates back to 2000 years, as means to source for food. At the Falcon Hospital reception area, you will see how the falcons are registered along with their falcon passports, then you will move on to the examination room where the falcons undergo check-ups and treatments. You will have the chance to learn about the most common illnesses that endanger the health of falcons, and afterwards you will move around the hospital to see the intensive care unit and the fabulous laboratory which features the most advanced technical equipment where even the rarest diseases can be identified. Then, move outside the hospital where you can take photos of and with the majestic birds sitting on your arm. Visit the hospital wards followed by a visit to the free-flight cages where falcons can fly free inside. Stop for some refreshments and then return to the hotel.



  • This tour has to be booked in advance. It cannot be operated Public Holidays. If run on Saturday, a minimum of 20 participant is required.
  • Sheikh Zayed Mosque is a religious place of worship. Visitors must be dressed appropriately on arrival; if not, entry will be denied (Modest, conservative, loose fitting clothing; long sleeves, long skirts and trousers; No transparent (see-through) clothing; No shorts for men; No shorts and skirts must be ankle length; No tight clothing, no swimwear and no beachwear; Shoes will be removed before entering the mosque, so we recommend slip off shoes; Headscarf for ladies is essential (these can be provided when you arrive). Smoking and food are not allowed in the mosque area; Visitors are requested not to touch the Holy Quran (Holy Book) and other architectural elements inside the main prayer hall). Intimate behavior i.e. holding hands or kissing is not acceptable in a Muslim place of worship. For safety and respect to worshippers, visitors should stay within the areas of the mosque that are permitted and not roam freely
  • The order of sights and routing may change on the day of tour, depending on traffic conditions